Meet Wendy

Hi. I’m Wendy. Welcome to Lacquer Dicted.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, though I hail from Indiana and am a bit of a wanderlust. I treasure many, many things. Since I was a wee little thing I’ve adored all things crafty, all things vintage and all things fascinating. Whether it’s a unique craft idea, mouth-watering recipe, inspired painting or flea market find, I want to see it.

I work as a full time freelance fashion/beauty writer for various websites and occasionally for print. I’m a style editor at AOL Shopping, feature writer at Tyra Banks’ and current/past clients include Huffington Post, StyleList,  eHow Style, Yahoo! Shine, TheBudgetFashionista, TheStylishCity, and pretty much anywhere that’ll pay me to write! And…dun dun dun…exciting news: I’ve recently been commissioned to write an eBook on shoes/foot health that’ll be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and anywhere eBooks are sold. I’m a wee bit excited about that one!

One of the perks of being a freelance beauty/fashion writer is that I often do get to sample products. I think it’s important to sample a product yourself before recommending it to anyone else, and that becomes more and more important the bigger your audience is. I also like to feature a nice mix of new/independent/smaller brands and larger companies. Many of the nail polishes I use are provided to me as samples for potential inclusion in upcoming stories for the other websites I write for, but like any lacquer addict, I buy my fair share, as well.

Lacquer-Dicted’s primary purpose is to showcase the various nail art I come up with with occasional swatches for your buying needs! Your presence is warmly appreciated.




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