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The Planets Manicure

I was really nervous to create these nails, but am so happy with the results! I was able to get some interesting detail into all of the planets, mostly achieved through mixing 2-4 different nail polishes. The left thumbnail is the sun.


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Wizard of Oz Nails

Gingham + Red glitter makes for bright dorothy-inspired nails. I went for an abstract accent nail — it’s the yellow brick road surrounded by poppies with the Emerald Castle in the distance. Before cleanup — sorry it’s messy!




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Barbie Nails

I wanted to go ultra pink yesterday so I went with a classic barbie theme! I thought it turned out really sweetly, but it’s almost *too* pink for me! Imagine that!

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Strawberries & Gingham Manicure

I had a blast painting these cuties on my fingernails. I posted the picture on Reddit and someone asked how I created the gingham look. All I did was paint a solid pink base on the tip and then drew white lines to create a checker pattern. After the white dried, I used a dotting tool to put pink dots over the places where the white lines intersected. Super easy!


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Polaroid Nail Manicure

Hello! 🙂 I decided to try something I haven’t seen done before and am tickled by how cute it turned out. Behold: a polaroid camera manicure!


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Easy Owl Nails


Hello all. 🙂 I’m kind of owl obsessed (like so many these days), so I wanted to give an owl manicure a go. I opted to only do one nail and painted the rest gray with Zoya’s Dove (one of my favorites)!

For the owl, I painted a light pink oval on one nail along with two wee ears. For the wings, I used a darker purple to create two half moons on either side of my nail (I used a dotting tool for this). I also used a dotting tool to create layered circles for the eyes and for the feathers on the owl’s belly. To create the crescent moon shapes on the belly, I made three white dots and then used the lighter purple polish on top of the dots.

For the other nails, I used a dotting tool to create dark purple/light purple layered spots.


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Superman Nails

I wanted to do something colorful and cute, but not terribly complicated. I painted a blue, yellow and red stripe and then a small red square on each yellow stripe. I outlined the stripes/square with black polish to create the outfit portion of this superman inspired manicure. For the ring finger, I used a nude nail polish, painted the third top black and then created a swoop for Superman’s curly hair. Easy peasy!

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Freehand Retro Cherries Manicure

I’ve been wanting to do this manicure ever since I saw CutePolish’s YouTube tutorial. It was pretty simple and the response has been great, thus far. To simplify the process for you: paint nails white, apply red dot duos with a dotting tool, add green stems/leaf, put a white dot on the left side of each cherry. Voila! 🙂 I used Sally’s Northern Lights hologram glitter top coat for an extra kick of cute.

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Lichtenstein / Cartoon Inspired Nails

I’ve always been drawn to the cutesy Lichtenstein cartoons and just had to give it a whirl on my actual fingernails. For the tiny dots I actually use the tip of a pencil (constantly had to wipe the nail polish off). I even used the pencil, dipped in polish, to create the black lines. I find I have more control with a pencil than a striping tool, especially when I’m not making simple straight lines. I was pleased with the results.

Here’s the right hand:

I used the following nail polishes to create the look:

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Famous Painting Nails

I did this look last night and, needless to say, it took forever. This was my first attempt. I did not use a nail brush for these at all — they were created entirely with a few tiny paint brushes and index cards as my palette. I really like how they turned out.

Some additional shots and close ups of each finger:

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