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Simple Vintage Roses

I wanted to do something simple and sweet, so I opted for a blushing nude base with holographic top coat. It’s so sparkly — the picture definitely doesn’t do the top coat justice! I added vintage pink/red rose accents on each hand. Voila! So pretty. 🙂

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3 Enkelini Swatches: Bling it On, Doynk & Argonaut

I have the great pleasure of testing out three of Etsy seller Enkilini’s nail polishes. Check out the swatches below:


BLING IT ON: a holographic glitter polish with a transparent pinkish-red base. This is 4 coats.

DOYNK: a multichrome glitter polish that flashes mostly gold with some black/green

ARGONAUT: a holographic blue polish that really shimmers in the sun!


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Nude/Teal Gradient + Sticks & Stones

I was super excited to get my hands on a bottle of Cover Bands’ Sticks & Stones nail polish, a coveted black/white glitter beloved by the entire nail painting community. I’ve been wanting to do a gradient with nude, and what better color to pair it with than teal? The Sticks & Stones top coat with this gradient is nothing short of perfection. It always evokes that retro-ish vibe for me! What do you think?

Buy Cover Bands’ Sticks & Stones here (when it’s back in stock)!

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Cookies & Cream Swatch from TheHungry Asian

What you see above is a swatch of TheHungryAsian‘s Cookies & Cream (15 ml, $9.25), a creamy white polish base with the perfect amount of matte black glitter. This is three coats of the nail polish over a clear base coat of polish.

A little bit about me: I work as a full time freelance fashion/beauty writer for various websites and occasionally for print. I’m a style editor at AOL Shopping, feature writer at Tyra Banks’ and current/past clients include Huffington Post, StyleList,  eHow Style, Yahoo! Shine, TheBudgetFashionista, TheStylishCity, and pretty much anywhere that’ll pay me to write! And…dun dun dun…exciting news: I’ve recently been commissioned to write an eBook on shoes/foot health that’ll be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and anywhere eBooks are sold. I’m a wee bit excited about that one!

One of the perks of being a freelance beauty/fashion writer is that I often do get to sample products. I think it’s important to sample a product yourself before recommending it to anyone else, and that becomes more and more important the bigger your audience is. I also like to feature a nice mix of new/independent/smaller brands and larger companies. With that said, I’m a huge fan of Etsy. In fact, I have a vintage shop, Zebras And Bubblegum, that has been open for nearly 2 years. I will feature a number of indie and “big name” nail polish swatches in the coming months. The majority of these products were provided to me as samples for potential inclusion in upcoming stories for the other websites I write for, but I also wanted to include my favorites here for you all!

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Freehand Retro Cherries Manicure

I’ve been wanting to do this manicure ever since I saw CutePolish’s YouTube tutorial. It was pretty simple and the response has been great, thus far. To simplify the process for you: paint nails white, apply red dot duos with a dotting tool, add green stems/leaf, put a white dot on the left side of each cherry. Voila! 🙂 I used Sally’s Northern Lights hologram glitter top coat for an extra kick of cute.

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Pink/Purple Gradient with Leopard Accent

I’ve been wanting to try a gradient for a while now and finally got around to doing one today. It took me a while to choose the colors, but I was feeling colorful today and went with a purple and blue gradient. I added a holographic glitter topcoat and then did an accent finger with pink leopard spots. To create the gradient, I painted the purple and blue onto a dry makeup sponge and dabbed onto my nail. For the leopard spots, I used the round end of a straight pin to apply random pink dots to my ring finger. I used a wee paintbrush to apply the black over the pink dots.

Tip: Top coats are key for gradients, as they smooth things out and give that…well…gradient effect.

I used the following nail polishes to create the look:

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Cupcake Nails

I used CutePolish’s tutorial for this design. Painted all nails pale pink and applied reddish-pink stripes over top. For the ring finger, I painted the pink/strips on half the nail, made a white mound for the frosting and then added six dots for sprinkles and a heart on top. Covered with a holographic glitter top coat for a sugar-like effect.

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This is another really basic manicure (and pre-clean up, obviously). I painted all my nails black and then used a silver glitter to create a star-like shape and trailing “star dust” on the index finger.

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Glitter Dipped

I’m a bit obsessed with glitter, so I really love this look. I painted my nails a sheer pinkish-nude color and then used a multi-colored glitter on the tips to create a sweet little gradient. Voila!

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Purple, Gray & Glitter

This is a really basic manicure, but I love the gradient effect it gives. I painted the base gray, painted a purple tip and then used a silver glitter over part of the purple and gray.

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